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Polar Wire AUF-4/0-BLK-THHW

Polar Wire AUF-4/0-BLK-THHW

Our Flexible Building Wire is a multi-purpose product. It can be used in NEC Article 310 and NFPA Standard 79 applications, internal
wiring of appliances, hookup wire, recreational vehicles, electronic circuits, switchboards, fluorescent ballasts, instrumentation panels,
and motor and transmer leads, and used as boat cable.

Key Attribuites2

Extra flexible conductor with soft-drawn bare copper to ASTM Specifications B172

The 105C cable ampacities are adapted from ICEA P-54-440/NEMA WC51-1986(R1991)**

6 through 2 gauge also UL1337, 1 through 4/0 also UL1338

Bare copper stocked; Available in tinned copper

Approved cable tray applications

**The ampacities provided are inmational purposes only. Acceptance of these values by any governing body is the

responsibility of the end user. Ampacities are based on a single conductor, in free air, at 30C ambient air temperature.6 


Excellent oil, heat, acid, and moisture resistance; Class K Flexing Service Wire. Constructed superior flexibility. Meets UL VW-1

and CSA FT1 flame test requirements. -13F to 221F (-25C to 105C) temperature rating. 

Industry Approvals

UL listed

NEC types Machine Tool Wire and THHW

UL AWM styles 1232, 1283, 1284, 1337, 1338, 1339, 10269

CSA Certified. TEW A/B FT-1 6 AWG to 4/0 AWG, AWM A/B FT-1 250 MCM to 750 MCM

1/0 through 750 MCM is CT approved

UL approved 1000V

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Polar Wire AUF-4/0-BLK-THHW